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We are proud to announce Nikki Santavy as the new Associate Photographer at Tony Kubat Photography, Minneapolis, MN.

Nikki grew up in Colorado’s Summit County (somewhere above 9000 ft.) surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, rivers, and trees.  The stunning natural beauty of her environment was a key inspiration that led Nikki to her passion for photography.  Nikki’s dad was Chef de Cuisine with Café Giovanni, one of Denver’s finest gourmet restaurants, giving Nikki a great fascination and passion for incredible food as well.  It wasn’t until she moved to the Twin Cities that these two key interests combined to become one, as she began her career in commercial food photography with TKP. Chefs everywhere realize that people eat first with their eyes.  As an introduction, Nikki has created a portfolio series featuring some of her father’s favorite recipes that will be a feast for your eyes.  To receive your copy including recipes, please join the TKP mailing list (following the link below).                           

Nikki’s number one priority is to use her passion for photography and food to provide the highest quality photographic experience possible by creating exceptional images for her clients, art directors, and agencies.                                         

About Tony Kubat Photography

From our very beginning Tony Kubat Photography has been dedicated to the success of our clients through a commitment to produce outstanding visuals. Our focus is to exceed expectations of our art directors and their clients, and for everyone involved to enjoy the process... creating exceptional images for your project should always be something to look forward to.


To learn more about Nikki or TKP, please contact


Kate Taylor

Operations Manager/ Producer

Tony Kubat Photography

3113 Lynn Avenue So. 

Minneapolis, MN 55416

952 926-3600

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