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Since joining TKP in 2011, Nikki has approached every project with enthusiasm, passion, and excitement. As a photographer, Nikki concentrates of all her drive and creativity into producing exceptional images for her clients.  She looks forward to offering more of the same high quality photography that TKP has become known for over the past 25 years, while adding a fresh perspective to the team. 

Inspired by a passion for food that came from her childhood, Nikki has created a portfolio series featuring some of her father’s favorite recipes, as well as recipes from local food stylists whom she has had the pleasure of working with. 


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Matt Mckenzie

Creative Director: JT Mega

"Nikki is amazing to work with. She has an incredible eye, and an aesthetic in her work that you don't see every day. As an art director, I appreciate her collaborative spirit - especially when she has an idea or suggestion that takes the shot to that next level. And her professionalism impresses as much as her photography - clients trust her. I love working with her."


Rachel Sherwood

Food Industry Expert, Food Stylist & Author of The Pretty Plate

"I have worked with Nikki on commercial food photography projects several times now.  She has a great eye for details and finding the perfect sweet spot to capture the most mouthwatering appetite appeal of any food.  She is highly skilled with the camera, a team player, and pleasant to work with to achieve the desired results for the project.  I highly recommend her work for your next project."


Patrick Dupont

Senior Art Director at JT Mega

"Nikki Santavy is excellent food photographer! I have worked with Nikki on many projects, and her attention to lighting, composition, and style have truly made impact in the overall quality of the product photography of the clients I work with. Not only is she detail focused on getting the best shots, she is really enjoyable to work with and makes projects a pleasant and positive experience!"


Michele Joy

Michele Joy Prop Styling

"Nikki Santavy… A great photographer…young, enthusiastic, incredibly talented in concept, composition, and lighting.  I've worked with Nikki for about 4 years now, and am astounded at her drive and talent…. Still waters run deep….Go Nikki!!!!"