Let's Make a Splash...

This photo was a fun one to shoot.  While I can't give away all my secrets, I can say that it's five exposures put together.  Since joining TKP around five months ago, I've really enjoyed experimenting with high speed photography, and getting the chance to use it with clients like Lift Bridge and Steel Toe Breweries.  

I have a new food portfolio in the works, so stay tuned for more food images with a twist.  

Thanks for checking it out!  -JD Havens

JD Havens Product | Tony Kubat Photography

Photography by JD Havens.  Click here to view JD's portfolio.

Fire & Ice

I had a blast shooting both of these images, with a little help from both Nikki and Kevin of course!  Both images posed some unique challenges that took some real planning to figure out.  Like how to freeze a bottle of Smirnoff Ice in a large chunk of ice water without the beverage itself freezing!  Well, after a little research and some brainstorming, here are the results.  Hope you enjoy!

- JD Havens

JD Havens Product | Tony Kubat Photography