TKP has been a leader in the Minnesota photography market for over 28 years. Over this time we have built a reputation for producing high quality images for both client direct and agencies. Our studio is unique in the fact that we have photographers with over 30 years of experience working side by side with a younger generation of photographers all specializing in food and beverage. This gives us the best of both worlds: experience combined with a fresh perspective. When we work as a team with all of our individual expertise, style, and problem-solving we are able to produce the highest possible quality visuals for our clients. Our photographers have experience working with some of the most technically challenging products including pizza & cheese melts, beverages & pours, and ice cream & frozen foods.


From the beginning, TKP has worked to stay current in the latest camera & software capabilities. Our studio can house up to five running tabletop sets equipped with a dedicated iMac running the latest Capture One software. We utilize a Hasselblad camera system with Leaf digital backs and tilt shift focus is available with our Nikon D850 camera systems. What really elevates all of these assets is our digital manager and retoucher, Kevin. Starting with our workflow, Kevin transfers files to one of three computers with Photoshop CC dedicated to postproduction retouching. This precise system keeps all images organized from capture in camera to backup and storage on our network attached server. Kevin's main digital tech station is conveniently located in the center of the studio allowing him to easily communicate with photographer and clients. Kevin has refined his art of retouching to perfection and is known to be one of the best in his field. As soon as final images are shot, Kevin begins the retouching process so that clients can review files on site and make additional changes. This is especially important when working with packaging, allowing clients to see final compositions in layout quickly and allow time for fine tuning.